Alaa Nabil: Amr Gamal will not return to Al-Ahly .. And the fans of Al-Ahmar are greedy


Alaa Nabil confirmed that the foreign coaches in the Tigris and Ismaili had a zero rating, and the Pyramids coach did not offer anything new, even though he had great stars in the team.

Regarding Al-Ahly’s performance with Musimani, Nabil said in statements to the Evening On Time program, that in the beginning the team’s performance with the South African coach was very good, but Al-Ahly’s fans are greedy and this is the secret of the team’s superiority, that the audience is satisfied only with victory as well as strong performance. Nabil added that Aliou Diang is the most influential foreign player in Al-Ahly Club, in light of his distinguished level.

Alaa Nabil revealed that Amr Gamal, the Al-Ahly player loaned to the army, will not return to the Red Castle in the summer Mercato, because this is not in his interest, and also not in Al-Ahly’s thinking in this direction.

Nabil concluded his speech that Mohamed Sobhi is the first goalkeeper for the Olympic team in the event that Mohamed El-Shennawy does not participate in the Tokyo Olympics.


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