Allegri hits back at Ronaldo (report)


Allegri hits back at Ronaldo (report)


Alberto Lingria

Italian press reports confirmed that the new Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri, intends to repay the old debt to Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the “old lady” scorer, by facilitating his departure.

According to the Italian newspaper, Toto Sport, the coach, returning to his position, gave Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, the green light to sell Ronaldo, 36, this summer, for not guaranteeing dependence on him mainly in every match throughout the season.

Since the announcement of the Italian coach’s return to the “old lady”, and rumors do not stop about the fate of the best player in the world 5 times before with Juve, due to the deterioration of the relationship between the two, against the background of Ronaldo’s objection to the way and style of playing the team under the leadership of Allegri, especially on the night of great humiliation Against Ajax Amsterdam in the quarter-finals of the Champions League, which was the reason for the departure of the 50-year-old coach two years ago.

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Ronaldo escapes from Allegri's hell in a swap deal

It is not the first time that doubts have arisen about Ronaldo’s future with the “Bianconeri”, for reasons related to the failure to achieve the common goal between them to end Juventus jinx with the Champions League Cup, and also for the severe financial distress that the club is experiencing, as a result of the heavy losses caused by Corona, which broke The barrier of 150 million euros in the second half of last year, which opens the door to speculation about the possibility of selling it, including to benefit from it financially before the expiration of his contract in mid-2022, and from it to reduce the salary budget.

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