Amal Maher: “It is in the weakest moments of my life… Complaining to other than God is humiliating.”


The Egyptian actress, Amal Maher, sent a letter of thanks to her fans through social networks, revealing that she had passed through “the weakest moments of her life and her biggest trials.”

And she wrote: “My dear audience, our Lord alone knows your support for me and your support, its impact on me was a factor in the worst circumstances that I have come back to in my life.”

And she continued, “If I can go to every person and person, I thank them myself, I will not be late. Our Lord has made you a reason to strengthen me in the weakest moments of my life and the biggest trials of my life.”

And she added: “Our Lord is generous, strong and mighty, and he is the comforter and humiliator. I have full faith that if the entire universe came together to benefit or harm a person, they would not benefit or harm him except with what God has written for him.”

And she said: “All they asked of you is your prayers in your prayers in mosques and churches.”

And she added: “Complaining to other than God is humiliating, and to God only I submit my complaint, and from God I only wait for relief, reparation, victory, and the reward of patience and reckoning for all that God knows. Adversity comes before good times… All your destiny and decree is good, O Lord.

And she concluded: “Your love and support will be the greatest and most important gift from God that He granted me with in the greatest ordeal of my entire life… and any cohesion or firmness in which I am is caused by the support of our Lord, which we will witness to you… Your prayers.”


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