Amid a row, Qatar Airways refuses to take delivery of planes from “Airbus”


Amid a dispute... Qatar Airways refuses to receive planes from


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Qatar Airways said that the surface under the paint covering a number of its Airbus A350 aircraft is being damaged faster than usual, stressing that it will not receive any new aircraft of this model.

Qatar Airways last week warned plane maker Airbus of industrial repercussions if the dispute was not resolved, but it has not revealed many details of the talks so far.

In response to a question, a Qatar Airways spokesperson said: “The airline continues to experiment and is noticing a situation where the surface under paint on some of its Airbus A350 aircraft is deteriorating at a faster rate.”

The spokesman added that the company had grounded some planes “until it is possible to understand and correct this situation and the root cause,” without revealing the number of planes affected.

He pointed out that “Qatar Airways will demand a full understanding of this situation and the root cause behind it and correct it completely before taking delivery of any other aircraft from the Airbus A350.”

Qatar Airways also confirmed that it is checking its entire fleet of “A-350” more frequently to monitor the situation closely.

Source: Reuters


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