Amina Khalil criticizes her participation in “Two Naira” and wants to act with Hend Sabry and Mona Zaki


The young star Amina Khalil A guest on the “Secrets of the Stars” program for the media, Engy Ali via the “Nogoum FM” station, where she answered several quick questions, including her wish to work with the artist Majid Al-Kadwany, who is dazzled by his talent, and revealed her desire in the future to cooperate with Menna Shalaby, Hind Sabry, Mona Zaki, Karim Abdel Aziz and Mahmoud Hamida.

My mother chanted for Muhammad Ali Clay, and he came to her quickly

Amina also spoke about the coincidence that she collected in her childhood with boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, during her visit to the United States of America with her family, explaining that she was walking with her mother and sister, when they found crowding of passersby around a person, and her mother approached and saw the boxer Muhammad Ali Clay, so she shouted in Arabic: Peace be upon you.” This drew the attention of the legendary boxer, who asked about the person who had said this, and her mother indicated to him, to approach them and say hello and take pictures with them.

The series “Titan Two” disappointed my expectations, and I do not know why it did not succeed

Amina Khalil talked about her participation in the series “Nimra Two”, which was shown earlier this year on the Shahid VIP platform, and said that she was enthusiastic about the project at first, but it did not achieve the expected success for it, adding that some episodes of the series did not like her, and it could have come out. better, but she doesn’t know what the missing element was that needed to be in the series for it to be more successful.

The lack of a link between the episodes of “Tiger Two” is the weakest of the series

Amina revealed that the creators of the series did not provide a link between his different stories, as this may be what the series lacks, although her story was filmed with Iyad Nassar, the first of the stories, noting that her favorite episode was the first presented by Amr Youssef and Saba Mubarak.
Amina stated that the thing that attracted her most in the series was the idea of ​​the project because of the number of artists participating in it, but there was a missing element that needed to be thought about in order to reach it.

Fawazeer Sherihan made me want to act

Amina Khalil talked about the reason for her love of acting as a child, Fawazeer Sherihan, who always made her dream of living in her imaginary world full of lights, music and art.
She also indicated that her idea of ​​acting differed after she grew up, and she found that acting gives her the opportunity to share their feelings with others, and to be in their place in difficult situations, and one of the phrases that makes her most happy when someone tells her that he felt what she felt during work.

Happy with the success of “Keep in mind from Zizi”

She continued to her happiness with the reactions she received after the presentation of the series “Khali Balak Min Zizi” and the state of movement towards ADHD, stressing that she sympathized with the character of “Huda”, who was embodied by Asma Jalal in the series, because she is a mother who is in a state of confusion due to many advice The people around her in the way she deals with her daughter’s crises.

Seeing a psychiatrist is more important than following friends’ advice

Amina Khalil talked about her choice to present the series “Khali Balak Min Zizi”, saying that the story attracted her and she felt that she might convey something positive through work.
She added that the series discussed the importance of using psychiatry, stressing that she had tried to go to the psychiatrist more than once, and she believed that treating psychological problems professionally is better than using friends.
Amina Khalil explained that the psychiatrist does not give the patient solutions, but rather helps him to reach the solution he wants to implement and express. She also stressed that receiving psychological treatment is like receiving organic treatment when the body is damaged.

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