Amr Adib: “Not Me” is the first Egyptian movie to film parts of it in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the Entertainment Authority


The media, Amr Adib, said that he is a follower of the artist Tamer Hosni, and that he is a smart person and knows that cinema prolongs the singer’s life, noting that Tamer Hosni is a smart actor, and he also has the talent of writing, scriptwriting and dialogue.

Amr Adib explained, during his presentation of the “Al-Hekaya” program, that the movie “Not Me” by Tamer Hosni is a beautiful movie, and one of Tamer Hosni’s greatest roles, and that the film was filmed in parts of it in Saudi Arabia under the auspices of the General Authority for Entertainment, for the consultant Turki Al Sheikh, where cooperation is taking place Between cultures pious each other.

Adeeb indicated that he would be happy when there was Egyptian-Saudi cooperation, and this should continue in the coming period, explaining that the film was produced by Tamer Hosni’s brother, and there is a director who discovered Tamer Hosni.


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