Amr Saad: My blood is being burned by accusations of bullying “Kings of Jadana” (video)


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The artist, Amr Saad, said that he was saddened by the criticism of the series “Maluk Al-Jadaana” and accused of promoting violence, noting jokingly, “I am very upset about criticism.. We want what countries.”

“Saad” continued, during his hosting of the “Happening in Egypt” program on the “mbc Egypt” channel yesterday, Thursday: “My blood is burning… and whoever said that, the series is not talking about what or the events every day.”

He added: “We presented a series about popular areas.. We took everything in it from those areas.. The decoration, for example, was done by Ahmed Abbas from areas such as Al-Gamaliya and Old Cairo. In a beautiful, elegant manner, and the heroes do not drink drugs and defend the women.. The valley is a secret, for example, his brother raised his hair in front of the neighbourhood, in order to do something forbidden.. The girl who refused to walk in error because of her father’s sake.. They are all good examples, even the written dialogue between Faten Harfouche and her father. It is written in a sweet and elegant way and carries many human values.. Her father, for example, in Mashhad, told her that if you walk well, the days will not tire you.. This is the message that the girl walked well and won in the end, and she returned to her lover, secret and married him

“Saad” indicated that he does not focus much on what is being raised about the social media, but these criticisms made him uncomfortable and commented, “I am upset with criticism.”

He pointed out that it took 6 months to reach a form and a “secret” body to present it in the series that was shown last Ramadan, and co-starred with Mustafa Shaaban, Yasmine Rais, and Dalal Abdulaziz.

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