Amy Samir Ghanem publishes a paper about her mother. An artist comments: “Wounded on the yard of Dalal Abdulaziz.”


For suggestions of places to go out

Actress Amy Samir Ghanem revealed a paper that might have been printed to prevent leaking any information about the death of artist Samir Ghanem to her mother, artist Dalal Abdel Aziz.

And the artist, Ghanem, published the photo through the “Story” feature of “Instagram”, on which is recorded: “The patient does not know anything about her husband.” For her part, she commented: “Lord.”

While the artist Ali Al-Tayeb shared the same picture, quoting the artist, she said: “This paper is surrounded by the room of the teacher, our beloved, we are all Dalal Abdulaziz, and until now I know the news of the death. We pray for you, my best friend in the world. I pray for her speedy recovery and safety.”

It is noteworthy that the artist Samir Ghanem left our world, more than two weeks ago, at the age of 84, after his health deteriorated after suffering from a defect in kidney functions, as he spent several weeks in intensive care at Al-Safa Hospital.


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