Amy Samir Ghanem publishes a touching message in front of her father’s grave.. Watch


The artist, Amy Samir Ghanem, published a picture on her personal and official account, on the social networking site Instagram, which showed the family’s graves where her father, the late artist Samir Ghanem, lay.

Amy Samir Ghanem asks the public to pray for the death of her late father:

Where Amy is keen to visit her late father, the artist Samir Ghanem, since his death every Friday, and she called him for mercy and forgiveness, and wrote a comment on the picture and said, God have mercy on you and forgive you, Lord.

It is reported that the last work of the great artist Samir Ghanem before his departure, the play Al-Zahr when he plays, which he presented during the year 2020, and had it not been for his death, it would have been shown during the current year, and the play was written by Ahmed Al-Abyari and directed by Tariq Al-Abyari, and co-starring Sherine, Reda Hamed, Iman Al-Sayed and Munir Makram. .

It is said that the great artist Samir GhanemHe died this afternoon, Thursday, May 20, at the age of 84, after suffering a health problem. He was subsequently transferred to the intensive care room in a Mohandessin hospital and continued there for more than two weeks, but his health deteriorated until death.

As for the artist, Dalal Abdel Aziz, she is currently lying in a hospital, where she suffers from the repercussions of post-infection withCorona Virus The newcomer, Covid 19, and she has not yet known the news of her late husband’s death, so as not to affect her psychological and health condition.

Amy Samir Ghanem publishes a touching message in front of her father's grave.. Watch


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