An English teacher and “Live Coach” and we will pay scouts like Al-Ahly .. The plan of the Minister of Business Sector to produce players with “spinning” similar to Salah


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The Minister of Business Sector, Hisham Tawfiq, spoke about his desire to attract talented players to the club, during a press conference held yesterday at the Ghazl El-Mahalla Club.

The minister said that the club is trying to deal with “scouts” to bring talented players to the club in exchange for a “commission”, adding: “They will get sums of money like that offered by Al-Ahly club to them.”

While he continued: “I asked and knew the club pays how much, if the Al-Ahly club pays, for example, from 50 piasters to a pound, I target the pound in return for bringing 20-30 players annually.”

The minister stressed his readiness to take care of the talented players coming to the club, as places will be provided for their accommodation and payment of the costs of their schools, food and clothes, such as the uniforms of the first team in the club, explaining that “because in this way I instruct him to become a professional player and we will bring him an English teacher because I do not want him to learn the language In a year and two, like the football player Mohamed Salah .. Salah was able to learn, but others did not.”

The minister stated that he wants, behind all these efforts, to export a player abroad, so he seeks to teach him the English language and even provide a “life coach” (a human development coach) to take care of the player psychologically in order to ensure that he is a balanced person. 3 years ago, I would sell the player for 15 million pounds, and I would be able to do it because I made an effort to get the player to that stage.”

With regard to developments in the club, the minister explained that he seeks to implement everything that is implemented in European clubs within the Ghazl El-Mahalla Club, with regard to the youth and buds sector, adding that the club in general aims not to compete for the first and second places, but to reach advanced positions and compete with honor to reach the region. higher and better.

It is noteworthy that Mohamed Salah, a Liverpool player, is from the Gharbia Governorate, which is led by Ghazl El-Mahalla Club.

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