An Iraqi-Egyptian artist reveals the details of her paralysis due to a medical error



An Iraqi-Egyptian artist reveals the details of her paralysis due to a medical error


The Iraqi-Egyptian actress, Amal Abbas, revealed the details of her long treatment journey, and her paralysis due to a medical error.

An Iraqi-Egyptian artist reveals the details of her paralysis due to a medical errorAmal Abbas

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Amal Abbas appeared in an episode of a television program in a wheelchair, and said, “She was paralyzed due to a medical error, as she underwent a serious surgery in the spinal cord, which resulted in her losing movement and confining her to a wheelchair.”

Amal Abbas said, “The doctors told her that she should undergo heart valve surgery because it was a life-or-death situation for her. The first operation resulted in her suffering an internal spinal cord hemorrhage, and while trying to stop the bleeding, she had a spinal cord injury and she lost movement as a result.”

Amal Abbas indicated, “The doctors told her that she would not be able to walk on her foot after this operation, but she does not lose hope and lives in the hope of regaining her movement again.”

Amal Abbas confirmed, “She believes in God’s decree and destiny, and does not object to what has happened to her, as she is always patient, noting that she receives physiotherapy sessions on an ongoing basis.”

The Iraqi artist, Amal Abbas, announced that she was paralyzed and unable to move, after the operation she had in India to change a valve and remove a blood block in the spine, which affected the spinal cord and led to her paralysis.

Amal Abbas began her artistic life in Kuwait in 1983 after participating in the “Cinderella Opera”, and she holds both Iraqi and Egyptian nationalities, as she was married to an Egyptian man who died during the past years, and she has a daughter and a son.

In 2018, Amal Abbas fell ill due to the retention of salts in her body, performed two operations in India, and was paralyzed for nearly 3 years, and she is currently undergoing physiotherapy at the Natural Medicine Hospital in Kuwait.

The artist, Amal Abbas, revealed, during the beginning of her illness in 2019, the details of her health crisis, stressing that there were a number of Arab artists who stood next to her, most notably the artist Ahlam, who fully covered the expenses of her treatment.

Source: Sada El Balad


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