And eating fish together .. Ashraf Zaki responds to Sherif El-Desouky’s new surgery


Dr. Ashraf Zaki, captain of the Actors Syndicate, revealed the developments in the health of Sherif El-Desouky, after news that he underwent surgery during the next few hours after his feet were amputated.

Ashraf Zaki said in exclusive statements to Echo Al-Balad that the health condition of the artist Sherif El-Desouki is improving significantly from day to day at the present time.

He added that all reports indicating that he will undergo a new operation in the coming hours are unfounded, stressing that Sharif El-Desouki is in good condition now.

He continued: “We were there yesterday with Sherif El-Desouky and we ate fish and his psychological state is in a very big improvement… He is still in the hospital and there is a medical decision to prevent visits to him.”

And Sherif El-Desouky, wrote through his official page on “Facebook”: “I am very happy with your love for me, and I am sorry for not responding to all the messages that were followed on the page, in one week more than 10,000 messages were followed to reassure my health. I was late in responding to anyone.”


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