Angham: The success of “I sold it a lot” confirms my bet on the high-end audience | Video


Angham confirmed her happiness with the reactions after the release of her new song “I sold it a lot” a few days ago.

In a telephone interview with the artist Edward, and the media figure, Nancy Magdy, on the “Cairo Today” program on Alpha channel, Angham said: “I always bet on people, on the awareness and sense of the public, and I see them as very classy recipients. theoretical.”

And about her opinion on the trend and the number of views as a measure of the song’s success, she said: “Of course, I remain happy with the reactions and sweet words that are said, but I am a little afraid of the idea of ​​focusing with numbers. Of course, I always have fear.”

And about her willingness to act in the current period, she said: “I love acting very much, and I am ready if I am presented with a sweet, appropriate and appropriate need for my stage and shape, but there is no need.”

It is expected that Angham will perform a concert at the Opera House on July 1, and about the concert, she said: “Indeed, the tickets were sold out very quickly, because people were eager to return to the concerts, and I am very happy that I came and sang.”

It is reported that the song “I sold it a lot” was released on the official channel of Angham on YouTube on June 7, and it was written by Amir Taima, composed by Ihab Abdel Wahed, and distributed by Tarek Madkour.


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