Anniversary of the death of cinema villain Mahmoud El-Meligy.. today


Today, Sunday, marks the anniversary of the death of the artist, Mahmoud El-Meligy, one of Egypt’s greatest creators in the world of art and cinema.

Mahmoud El-Meligy, “the evil of the screen,” is the son of the village of Meleig in the Menoufia governorate. At the beginning of the thirties of the last century, he joined the Fatima Rushdy band, and he was immersed at that time, and joined the Ramses Theater to work as a “talker” at first, then professionalized acting to have his own school in reincarnation. , and becomes a common denominator for all successful works, especially the roles of evil that he excelled in presenting, despite a meeting that all his colleagues in the artistic field saw as the best person away from the screen. El-Meligy and his colleague Farid Shawqi formed a successful duo in Egyptian cinema, as he is the most striking actor. From Farid Shawqi.. El-Meligy says in one of the television programs, “When the audience meets me, they jeer with me and threaten me with the monster of the screen.”

Al-Meligy has left his mark in the theater as well since he worked with “Fatima Rushdi”, where he later joined the “Ismail Yassin” troupe, after which he worked with the “Tahiyya Karioca” troupe, then the New Theater troupe, and thus presented more than twenty plays, the most important of which are his roles in Plays: Julius Caesar, One Day It Happened, Birth, and the role of “Abu al-Dhahab” in Ahmed Shawky’s play “Ali Bey the Great was a prominent member of the National Association for Acting, then a member of the National Acting Troupe. Mahmoud El Meligy was an artist who was true to himself.

From his films: (Hello, I am the cat, tears dried up and an encounter with the past, hereditary madmen, the hunter of women, the end of love and the search for trouble, I wish I had not known love, hot tears longing, the return of the prodigal son, no time for tears, goodbye forever and no, who I was my love). From his series: Dreams of the Flying Boy with Adel Imam as a guest of honor, Tower of Fortune with Mohamed Awad, Al-Ayyam series with the late artist Ahmed Zaki, Black Cat series

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