Apple equips AirPods headphones with new features .. Get to know them


Apple announced during its last technical conference that it will give AirPods new practical features to make these headphones more useful for users, and among the most prominent features that these headphones will get is the Conversation Boost feature, which was developed specifically for people with mild hearing impairment, and this feature will depend on special technologies To preview the sounds to deliver them to the user’s ear in a clear way.

AirPods will also improve external noise isolation features to improve listening to music and making calls, and these headphones will have Dolby Atmos features to distribute and deliver sounds more realistically.

Apple also indicated that its headphones will work with the expanded Find My network, which includes AirTag devices, meaning that the user will be able to find his headphone in the event of its loss, in addition to obtaining the “disconnect” feature that will alert the user if he forgets one of the two headphones in a place far from their wallet. small plastic.

It is assumed that these features will reach AirPods with the launch of Apple its new version of the operating system for iPhone phones.


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