Art is more important than marriage.. Stars who collaborated in artistic works despite the divorce.. Shadia and Emad


Most of the couples break off their relations if they separate and divorce, or the relationship of affection and mercy turns into enmity, hatred and hatred, but in art there are many couples who broke this rule and the technical cooperation continued between them after the divorce, and sometimes even the relationship of affection and friendship between them continued as if they were raising the slogan that art remained from marriage.

Among the most famous of these cases was the artistic cooperation between the great artist Shadia and the great artist Imad Hamdy after their divorce.

Emad Hamdi married Shadia in 1953, after they met on the “Rahma Train”, and their marriage lasted for 3 years until the divorce occurred between them in 1956, and despite that, they worked together in many artworks after the divorce and even after Shadias marriage to the great artist Salah Zulficar.

And about the story of the marriage and divorce of Shadia and Imad Hamdi, his son, Nader Imad Hamdi, spoke of his first wife, Fathia Sharif, in an interview prior to the seventh day.

The son of the great artist said: “I loved Mama Shadia very much because she was a refined and affectionate person and she loved me, as I was visiting my father during his marriage to her, and after their separation, my relationship with her was cut off until the year 68.”

Nader Imad Hamdy attributed the reason for his father’s divorce from Shadia to the large age difference between them, which reaches 22 years, and his strong jealousy for her.

He continued, “There was a promotion in their dealings, and after the separation, they remained for a long time, not working together until Helmy Rafla, who is their friend and neighbor of “Mama Shadia”, and he told my father why she does not work with Shadia after the separation, and he replied that he is afraid that she will not have a desire to work. With him, and when Rafla asked “Mama Shadia,” she confirmed that she had no objection to working with my father, and indeed they returned to work together in a number of films. My father worked with “Mama Shadia” 16 films.

Ibn Imad Hamdi told a story about Shadia getting to know his mother and her relationship with him and his father after their divorce, saying: “My father at the time was co-starring in a movie with Youssef Chahine, a joint production between Egypt and Russia, and about the High Dam, and filming was in Aswan, and “Mama Shadia” was then married. From Salah Zulfikar, and I was in the first year at a cinema institute, and I went with my father, and I met her and told my father I want to greet her, so he said to her, “I don’t know who is this?” And when she recognized me, she carried me from the ground, and said to me: “Come, talk to Mama, I am expecting from her.” Anything, and if you insult me, I will not be upset.” Indeed, I spoke with my mother, and she said to her, “Forgive me.” My mother greatly appreciated this call, and the friendship between them lasted from the year 68 until my mother died in 83, and “Mama Shadia” used to visit us at home, and my mother made her the food that she loved. And she always said to me, “Consider me as Mama,” and I actually stood next to me, and I owe her the credit for all my life, so that when I was angry with my father I complained to her while she spoke to him, and “she kept me for 20 years from A to Z,” and when I had a heart operation, I didn’t She left me, and when my wife fell ill with cancer, she stood by me, and after my wife died, she would visit us and take my children with her She buys them clothes and gifts, and without her, I would not have been able to complete my life. “My father did not leave anything for me, but Mama Shadia was my father and my mother.” She always told me, “You are my son, and if you need anything, do not hesitate to contact me.”

Also, the artist Shadia kept in her home, after her divorce, a number of paintings drawn by the artist Imad Hamdi, where he loved to draw, and she kept asking about him the period of his illness and in his last days, and neither of them said after the divorce a word that disrespects or insults the other, and the respect and friendship between them remained until Imad Hamdy left, and Shadias relationship with his son continued until her death.


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