“Awad Goh Dalab” .. The bomber of the “Ali Baba Cave” case speaks for the first time


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Monday 07 June 2021

Books – Mohamed Emara:

Former MP Khaled Mahmoud, the complaining party in the case of the Zamalek apartment, known in the media as “Ali Baba’s Cave,” revealed the scenes of finding belongings and pieces suspected of antiquity inside the apartment of his sister-in-law, Counselor Ahmed Abdel Fattah, during the execution of a court ruling issued to him against his nephew Karim Ahmed Abdel Fattah.

In his first media comment, Mahmoud explained the reason for implementing the ruling issued against him against his nephew in his father’s apartment, and he told “Masrawy”: My case has been concluded, with a ruling that has become enforceable, my case is with my nephew, unfortunately, and the final ruling was issued, and I do not need the money, The court ruled for $800,000 out of $18 million, which is less than 10% of my right. He did not rule with all the money. The title of the ruling suffices me, the reasons and the wording of the ruling suffice me.

He added: I am not a party to what is happening now, I am within the implementation of a final ruling and my circuit has become veto, and the opponent lost the veto, and the ruling became enforceable, and no one can stop the implementation, and there is an obligation on everyone to implement, my lawyer went to implement the ruling with the execution officer and with Representative of the department to which the property belongs.

Regarding the reason for implementing the ruling on a property owned by his sister’s husband, counselor Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, Mahmoud said: “Why do we implement this property? Because this is his place of residence, and we did not implement it wrongly, and even the problem does not stop the implementation.”

He explained: Execution was on movables, and an appraiser was present to say this, and they had 2 lawyers from the opponent’s office, and by chance, the appraiser discovered an oasis inside a cupboard.

The enforcement bodies of the South Cairo Court had discovered an apartment full of archaeological treasures, paintings and jewelry in Zamalek, later known in the media as the Zamalek Apartment and Ali Baba’s Cave, during the execution of a court ruling against the apartment owner’s son.

In response to what was said and published, Counselor Ahmed Abdel-Fattah, an advisor at the Constitutional Court in Kuwait, owner of the Zamalek apartment, issued a statement about the incident, and said that his son Karim, who is in disagreement with his uncle, does not own the apartment.

The consultant, who has been living outside Egypt for 20 years, said that he is the son of a former minister, and his wife as well, in previous periods, and that he owns the jewelry, antiques, and paintings in the Zamalek apartment, as well as the identification papers of their ownership.

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