Ayman Abdel Aziz: Zamalek will not stand on Sassi, and the Esperance match is difficult for Al-Ahly


Ayman Abdel Aziz, the former Zamalek star, confirmed that the White Castle will not stand on the departure of Ferjani Sassi, the team’s midfielder, and Abdel Aziz said in statements on the “60 Minutes” program on the On Sport 2 screen, “No one denies the value of Ferjani Sassi and his giving with Zamalek, But the idea of ​​exporting a problem is that Sassi’s departure will cause a crisis. With all due respect to all players, this does not happen, and we cannot say that a player affected a team if he completed with Zamalek. We are happy with his presence, but anyone can compensate for his absence, great players came to Zamalek and retired and the team is still winning championships. “.

Abdel Aziz added, “In some periods when Sassi was injured, Imam Ashour participated and shined and was the best in Egypt, and Imam Ashour can replace Sassi, as well as Zizou, and Zamalek has more than one player currently able to compensate for Ferjani’s departure.

Abdel Aziz indicated that Zamalek It is required to compete for all tournaments, and at the present time the team in any tournament in which it participates is able to compete and has players with great potential.

Regarding the best coach in the league, Ayman Abdel Aziz said, “Ali Maher is one of the distinguished coaches, Ahmed Sami and Ihab Jalal, who achieved a breakthrough with Al-Ismaili, and I think that this trio is the best, and Musimani and Carteron present a great level with Al-Ahly and Zamalek, stressing that Zamalek needs administrative stability first, and in the centers.” He needs a defender and a right back because you participate in many tournaments, suffer injuries and stress, and solutions must be available.

He continued, speaking about the African Champions League, “The four teams in the semi-finals are distinguished, but Wydad is a distinguished and respected team, and the Esperance match will not be easy for Al-Ahly because it is a big team and is competing for championships.

And the former Zamalek star concluded, saying, “Shawky Gharib’s choices for the Olympic team are distinguished, and I salute him for choosing Imam Ashour because he will be one of the most important players in Egypt. He is a small player who needs to be evaluated, but his future is great.”


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