Barcelona insists on getting rid of Coutinho and Liverpool’s arch-rival is interested


Barcelona does not see a future for Coutinho, and is seeking to loan him to one of the English Premier League teams!

Spanish press reports today revealed Barcelonas complete rejection of the idea of ​​Philippe Coutinho continuing in its ranks during the coming period.

This came according to the newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”, which confirmed that the club does not see the point in the player’s continuation in the new season.

Why does Barcelona want to get rid of Coutinho?

Barcelona is mainly seeking to get rid of Coutinho because of the very high salary of the Brazilian star, who is among the highest salaries of the first team.

In addition, the technical benefit from him was almost non-existent in the last season, which he spent with injuries and moved away from the starting lineup.

How does Barcelona get rid of Coutinho?

The club knows very well that the idea of ​​Coutinho leaving permanently will not be easy because of the very high value of the deal in light of the difficult economic conditions for European clubs.

Therefore, Barcelona is seeking to leave Coutinho on loan, and his biggest options are the English Premier League clubs in particular.

Who is interested in acquiring Coutinhos services in England?

According to the newspaper, “Sun”, Everton is at the forefront of those interested in obtaining the services of the Brazilian star in the summer transfer market.

The club was previously prepared to pay 40 million euros for the player’s services, an amount that Barcelona refuses, so it is considering the loan option with bearing his entire salary.

It is worth noting that Barcelona had included Coutinho from Liverpool for 120 million euros and paid 15 million variables so far out of the 40 million available.

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