Because of an offensive video.. Zamalek fans demand the suspension of Schubert’s son



Because of an offensive video.. Zamalek fans demand the suspension of Schubert's son

The “hashtag” suspended goalkeeper of Al-Ahly and the Egyptian Olympic football team, Mostafa Schubert, entered the list of the most popular Twitter accounts in Egypt.

A number of pioneers expressed their anger at Mustafa Schubert, the son of the legendary goalkeeper of Al-Ahly club and the Egyptian national team, Ahmed Schubert, after he appeared in a video clip with a fan, chanting an “insulting” chant of Zamalek.

During the “hashtag”, a large number of users talked about the behavior of Mustafa Schubert, and one of them said: “The Al-Ahly administration made a long and broad statement to the Football Association, so that Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, would be punished because of the same incident, but of course the Zamalek administration will not make a statement. To prevent intolerance, and to facilitate matters, because Zamalek is a club of intolerance and sedition.”

Another said: “He must be stopped as was the case with Imam Ashour. Otherwise, there will be no justice.”

And a third said: “He said, ‘What is wrong with you?’ I mean, cursing? Don’t be slandered, Beh.. What did he say?”

A fourth wrote: “Mustafa Schubert should be punished with a 12-match suspension, similar to what Imam Ashour was punished for, because it is almost the same incident. Rather, Mustafa made a mistake in public and not in a closed room. Justice, Football Association.. Please do not agent with double standards.”

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