Because of Harry Kane .. Mohamed Salah refuses to renew with Liverpool – the athlete – international stadiums


Liverpool are seeking to link the Egyptian international, Mohamed Salah, the club’s star and top scorer, to a new contract this summer, in anticipation of his departure after the end of his contract, in addition to many prominent players in the team.

And the “Liverpool Echo” website published a report in which it confirmed that the English club has a list of players whose contracts expire during the coming period, the first of them being Fabinho and Alisson, and the Brazilian duo will hold renewal talks with the club once they return from the Copa America, which is scheduled to start next Sunday.

They are followed by German goalkeeper Kelleher, Dutchman Virgil van Dijk, England’s Arnold and Scot Robertson, in addition to star Mohamed Salah.

According to the report, 9 players in Liverpool whose contracts expire in 2023, that is, after two seasons, and therefore the situation has become more urgent for Liverpool in light of the financial crisis experienced by clubs throughout Europe and their waiting for players whose contracts expire to sign them for free.

The report added, that Gianluigi Donnarumma, Memphis Depay and Sergio Ramos are only three names whose contracts expire this summer, while Sergio Aguero left Manchester City for free. He must think about the future of the team within four years, for example, if I were Mohamed Salah, I would not sign A new contract, because you’d be ridiculous.. “Look at Harry Kane. He signed a ridiculously long contract and now says he wants to leave the club. Good luck doing it.. If these players are wise and look at what is happening to others across Europe, it makes sense to terminate your contract.. Players are ridiculous if they tie themselves to long-term contracts.. If you’re dealing with this level of players it makes perfect sense, Rather than fall into the position of Harry Kane now.”

Harry Kane renewed his contract with Tottenham in 2018 for 6 seasons ending in 2024, and during that period he received 90 million pounds.

Clubs are now unable to charge transfer fees as big as they used to be, even with former big spenders such as Barcelona and Real Madrid due to economic shortcomings.

This gives the players strength and makes it important that Liverpool can tie these stars this summer without waiting for their last season, especially in the case of star Mohamed Salah, who will refuse to renew his contract for a long time so as not to fall into Harry Kane’s mistake.

This makes things difficult for Liverpool as they try to take a smart path forward. If the future is more free transfers, Jurgen Klopp, Edwards and their teammates will have to adapt.



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