Because of his crying .. “a housewife” ends the life of her 3-month-old child with a “remote” .. (details)


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The city of Bilbeis witnessed a painful accident, where a “housewife” poured over the head of her 3-month-old baby with the “remote” for the television, because of his crying after he fell on the ground, and left the victim’s body, and ran away, until she was arrested, and admitted the incident.
The Public Security Sector, in coordination with Al-Sharqiya Investigations, revealed the ambiguity of the incident, which revealed that the victim child, 3 months old, and investigations stated that the victim’s mother had beaten him with a “TV remote” due to family disputes with the husband, and the accused was arrested, who admitted that she had assaulted The child was at the front several times to silence him, but he died, so she fled, and the prosecution took over the investigation.
The officers of the Belbeis Police Department received a report from a civil servant, 44, stating that after returning to his home from work, he found the body of his son, 3 months old, on a sofa in the apartment hall, with some injuries, including bruises on the head from behind. That he went to work at seven in the morning, leaving his wife and son in the apartment, and upon his return, he discovered the death of his son and the absence of his wife.
Immediately, Major General Alaa El-Din Selim, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Public Security Sector, quickly directed the formation of a research team, and investigations concluded that there were differences between the father of the child and his mother, a housewife, 26 years old, and that the wife was behind the perpetration of the incident, and by targeting her with a mission that was seized, and she admitted that she On the day of the incident, while she was washing some clothes in the dwelling and her dead son carried her, her feet slipped, and she and her son fell to the ground.

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