Belgium and Denmark take 5 teams to the round of 16 in the Euros


The Danish team qualified for the round of 16 of the Euro Championship after sweeping Russia by four to one goal in the last round of Group B.

Denmark benefited from Belgium’s victory against Finland with two goals, to qualify the Belgian team in the lead with a full score of 9 points, followed by Denmark with 3 points, qualifying with a goal difference against Finland third, and Russia fourth, whose farewell to the tournament was confirmed.

The victory of Belgium and Denmark contributed to the official rise of 5 teams to the round of 16, namely Switzerland, England, Czech Republic, Sweden and France, awaiting the results of the last round to determine their positions, while the rest of the teams compete for 5 seats.

The Euro Championship consists of 6 groups, in each group 4 teams, the first and second places qualify directly, in addition to the best 4 third-placed teams according to the number of points in that stage.

With the presence of the third-placed in the second and third groups, Finland and Ukraine, and the balance of each of them with 3 points, it was confirmed that Switzerland qualified for the third place in the first group, with a balance of 4 points.

It was also confirmed that the Swedish team qualified for Group E, where it leads with 4 points, before facing Poland in the last round.

Even in the event that Sweden loses its match against Poland, and the match between Spain and Slovakia ends with the victory of one of the two teams, the Swedish team qualifies, as it will then come third and qualify among the qualified teams as the best third place.

The English team and the Czech Republic also moved up from Group D, reaching 4 points, and they meet on Tuesday evening to determine the leader of the group, while Croatia and Scotland are fighting to win their match for the best third place, and in the event of a tie, they are bidding farewell to the tournament.

And the French national team guaranteed its presence in the round of 16 before facing Portugal, where that confrontation decided its place in the group.

So far, 11 teams have qualified for the round of 16: Italy, Wales and Switzerland for Group A, Belgium and Denmark for Group B, Netherlands and Austria for Group C, England and Czech Republic for Group D, Sweden for Group F, and France for Group F.

The fourth, fifth and sixth group matches decide the position of the remaining 3 seats as the best third place, as the rest of the teams in the three groups still have the hope of qualifying for the next stage.

The arrival of any team to 4 points means that it qualified directly without looking at the rest of the results of the other groups, while stopping at 3 points means waiting for the position of the other groups to decide the qualifiers.

Previously, in the Euro 2016 tournament, Portugal qualified as the third best with only 3 points, before winning the tournament in the final match at the expense of France, the hosts, with a clean goal.

According to the previous results, two matches were scheduled in the round of 16, where the Italian team will meet Austria, and Wales will meet Denmark.

The Swiss team is still waiting to face Belgium or the first group F, which includes Germany, France, Portugal and Hungary.

As for the Dutch team, which qualified as the leader of Group C, it will wait for the third, fifth or sixth group.


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