Between boycott and incitement.. the unknown besieges Cuba America


Days before the start, the Copa America faces several risks related to the recent withdrawal of the organization from Argentina and its assignment to Brazil, amid a state of discontent and dissatisfaction by some players and teams.

The competition is scheduled to start next Friday (June 11) and will continue until July 10, 2021.

The tournament was planned to be held in Argentina and Colombia, but the latter requested to postpone the event due to the political crisis it is going through as a result of some internal protests, and with the poor health conditions in Argentina due to Corona, the organization was withdrawn from them.

CONMEBOL statement

And the South American Confederation (CONMEBOL) published an official statement, saying: “CONMEBOL has decided that – in light of the current circumstances – the Copa America in Argentina has been suspended.”

He added, “CONMEBOL is studying offers from other countries that have expressed interest in hosting the continental championship… and it will be announced soon.”

Brazil is hosting the event

A few hours later, CONMEBOL announced that Brazil would host the tournament, and the official account of the federation confirmed the official and final dates for the start and end of the tournament, with the venues to be determined at a later time.

Argentina objection

Conmebol’s decision was not welcomed by some of the participating teams, especially Brazil – the new host of the tournament -, and Lionel Scaloni, coach of the Argentine national team, criticized the decision to transfer the tournament to Brazil, describing the current situation in the country as “alarming” with the exacerbation of the pandemic crisis. Corona.

“Colombia was disqualified and, in the end, it was decided not to hold the tournament here (in Argentina) due to the health situation, but now we ended up traveling to Brazil,” Scaloni said.

“Of course, Brazil is in the same situation as we are, or worse than us, and therefore it is a difficult decision to accept, but that does not mean that we have to go to play and try to give our best.”

And he concluded: “There are still many unknowns, where we will train, our view is very different because previously we would have stayed in our place, taking all precautions, and now we are facing this situation, which is still alarming and worrying, because it is not the best place (for the tournament).”

Brazilian incitement

For his part, Casemiro, the captain of the Brazilian national team, commented on CONMEBOL’s decision, stressing that all players of the team are united against Brazil’s hosting of the Copa America.

“As captain of the national team, we have our position,” Casemiro said. “We want to talk, but this is not the right moment.”

He added: “I’m not the only one, not just the players who are active in Europe (against hosting the tournament), all of us, when someone speaks, everyone does… We must be united.”

The opposition of Colombia and Uruguay

On the other hand, the Spanish newspaper “Marca” monitored the position of the major teams from participating in the Copa America in Brazil.

The newspaper said that the players of the Brazilian national team communicated with the leaders of the other teams, urging them to boycott the tournament, noting that Casemiro, the samba leader, and his compatriot Neymar da Silva are leading the rebellion.

“Marca” added that the Colombian Football Association issued an official statement declaring its opposition to the Copa America, and the Uruguayan trio, Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani and Fernando Muslera, announced their opposition to the tournament.

“You have to prioritize health,” Suarez said. “I am against playing in the Copa America.”

Bolivian support

Reversing the trend, Bolivia announced its public support for the tournament through its official account on the social networking site “Twitter”, and said: “We are living a difficult time due to the epidemic, however – and with an emphasis on respecting and maintaining all safety measures – we will be able to play the tournament.”


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