Brilliance, appreciation and championships outweigh Al-Ahly’s balance in Bannon’s balance against Saudi money


Moroccan Badr Bannon, Al-Ahly club defender, rejected the idea of ​​discussing the Saudi offers that reached him during the recent period, adhering to completing his journey with the Red Castle, as the player believes that staying with Al-Ahly during this period is the most appropriate option for him in light of his continuous participation and brilliance in leading the red line of defense and winning championships. With the South African battalion Pitso Musimani, in addition to the appreciation of the Al-Ahly administration for him in his first season with the team, whether on the financial level or the stability he lives inside the club.

Some press reports indicated that Bannon received 3 offers from the senior Saudi league in the last period, after his distinguished performance with Al-Ahly Club this season.

And Al-Ahly contracted with Badr Banoon In the last summer transfers, he came from Moroccan club Raja with a contract that extends to the end of the 2023/2024 season.

The Moroccan defender quickly became a key player in Al-Ahmar’s defenses, after he performed a distinguished performance with the team, as he participated in 28 games, during which he scored four goals and crowned two championships so far, namely the Egypt Cup and the African Super Cup, along with the bronze of the Club World Cup.

Al-Ahly will play with Esperance on June 19 at Rades in the first leg of the African Champions League semi-final, while the return match will be held on the 26th of the same month in Cairo.


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