British union advises workers: cut off contact with your managers outside working hours


  • Justin Parkinson
  • Political correspondent, BBC News

Claire Mullally

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Claire Mulally says the level of electronic communication for many home workers is unhealthy

The trade union “Prospect”, which deals with major institutions in the United Kingdom such as the BBC, the Ministry of Defense and others, called on the country to pass a labor law similar to what France has been doing four years ago, which gives workers “the right to cut off contact with employers outside specified working hours.

Claire Mullally, an IT expert from Northern Ireland says: “Work has become more and more stressful over the past year, with employees constantly checking their email, answering phone calls and video calls and making sure they have them on hand throughout the day. Separation of work and personal life.

Claire argues that the situation she and millions of other employees working from home are facing during the pandemic is “intolerable”.

With many of its members alerting their mental health to being at risk, Prospect called on the government to give employees a “legal right to disconnect at work.”

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