Buffon responds to Barcelonas offer


Buffon responds to Barcelona's offer


The Catalan newspaper, “Sport”, said that the veteran Italian goalkeeper, legend Gianluigi Buffon, responded to an offer from Barcelona to defend his lair starting from the new season 2021-2022.

And “Sport” confirmed that Buffon, 43, had rejected Barcelonas offer.

The newspaper did not reveal the reasons why Buffon refused to join “Barcelona”, but media reports said earlier that the veteran goalkeeper may prefer to have a last experience in his career with a team that gives him the opportunity to play mainly, which is unlikely to happen in Barcelona, ​​​​in The Catalan team’s possession of the German giant, Marc-Andre ter Stegen, remained in goal.

And Buffon had officially announced at the end of the current season, his departure from the ranks of Juventus, after a long journey with the Italian giant, during which he won many titles with him, and the veteran goalkeeper did not reveal whether he would play again for a club, or would he hang up his gloves and choose to retire.

Buffon joined Juventus for the first time in 2001 from Parma, and left the team to Paris Saint-Germain in the 2018-2019 season before returning again.

The giant goalkeeper did not participate much last season, but he showed his prowess in the few matches he participated in.

Source: Championat.com


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