“Bully without Mercy” .. A shocking book reveals what happened between “William and Megan”


According to the British newspaper “The Sun”, the book stated that Prince William He was furious at the behavior of his brother-in-law, a former American actress, Meghan Markle, because of what he considered her “abusive” treatment of staff and palace staff.

The book entitled “The Battle of the Two Brothers” said that Prince William went so far as to describe his brother’s wife, The Duchess of Sussex With the “bloody woman” who deals with “without mercy”.

And writer Robert Lacey presented these shocking details about the relationship between the two princes, whose relationship has worsened in recent years.

This book came as Markle, 36, arrived at United kingdom In preparation for the unveiling of the statue of the late Princess, Diana, mother of Princes Harry and William.

The book indicates the depth of the dispute between the two brothers, and it is unlikely that there will be an imminent liquidation of the atmosphere between them.

The book mentioned that Prince William was once told that almost everyone had a difficult wife-brother, and he lowered his head and exploded in anger and said, “Look how this bloody woman deals with the palace officials, without mercy!”

The book presents a bleak picture of Markle, saying that she presents herself “as a victim and oppressed, when her real face is completely different.”

The book adds that Prince William saw what he considered “anti-monarchy” in the former American actress.

But the accusation of Markle of bullying the palace staff and staff is not the result of this book. In 2018, one of those who worked in the communications department for Princes Harry and William claimed that Markle bullied the employees.

After that, take the initiative Prince Harry And the Duchess of Sussex to deny accusations of bullying, saying that someone wants to tarnish their image.

And earlier this year, Markle caused a sensation when she complained that she had been subjected to racism Britain.

Markle said, in an interview with the American media, Oprah Winfrey, that there were those who spoke to her husband from the royal family, when she was pregnant with her eldest son Archie, and expressed concerns to him about the possible skin color of the son, because his mother Markle has African origins.


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