Carteron reveals the work plan from July to August


French revealed Patrice Carteron The coach of the first football team at Zamalek Club expressed the difficulty of establishing a preparation period for the team during the period in which the team will not play matches (32 days) from July 5 to August 7.
وقال Technical Director In exclusive statements to the official website of Zamalek Club: “The next pause period will witness preparations for the rest of the matches of the current season, because the team has been playing matches for almost a year without stopping, and we will strive to maintain the level of players during the downtime.”

He added that he will give the players a week’s rest, after which they will undergo vigorous training for two weeks to maintain the level of the players, while the last week will be for preparing the players for the Alexandrian Federation match in the twenty-ninth round of the league competition.

The coach explained that it is difficult for him to go through a preparation period in a short period because preparing the team for the new season will take longer.


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