Casemiro: Brazil united against hosting Copa America


Casemiro, captain of the Brazilian national team, indicated that all the players of the team are united against Brazil’s hosting of the Copa America.

The Copa America is scheduled to be held in Brazil starting from June 13, following the decision of the South American Confederation (CONMEBOL) to move the venue of the tournament.

The tournament, which was scheduled to take place last year, was postponed due to the Corona virus pandemic.

The tournament was supposed to be held in Colombia and Argentina, but the two countries were excluded from hosting it due to political issues, and the Corona pandemic.

Brazil was granted the right to host the tournament in its bid to preserve the title, despite being one of the countries most affected by the pandemic.

Before the 2-0 victory over Ecuador on Friday evening (Saturday morning GMT), Brazil coach Tite did not guarantee his team’s participation in the tournament hosted by the country, and promised to shed light on the situation after the team’s match against Paraguay ended on Tuesday.

After the Brazilian team maintained the full mark in the qualifiers by achieving its fifth victory, Casemiro was asked about the team’s declared position.

“We can’t talk about the Copa America, even if everyone knows what we think. But we can’t talk about it, everyone knows we’re thinking,” Casemiro told Globo after the match.

He added: “Obviously we are thinking about the Copa America, but now we have to respect a certain hierarchy. Obviously we want to express ourselves about it, but unfortunately we can’t.”

“We will not talk about the Copa America,” Casemiro added. “Tite already said what we thought.”

The Brazilian team is preparing to face Paraguay before playing the opening match of the Copa America on June 13th against Venezuela.

He stressed, “As captain of the national team, we have our position. We want to talk, but this is not the right moment.”

He added: “I’m not the only one, not just the players who are active in Europe (against hosting the tournament), all of us. When someone speaks, everyone does, or Tite, or the coaching staff. We must be united.”

The Brazilian team scored two goals against Ecuador, Richarlison and Neymar, and the Brazilian team achieved the full mark in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup to be held in Qatar.

This is the first time since 1970 that the Brazilian team has won the opening five matches in the World Cup qualifiers.

The team plays in Group B in the Copa America with the teams of Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela.

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