Celebrating his birthday.. Ehab Fahmy, the villain that everyone loved


Today, Friday, the artist, Ehab Fahmy, director of the National Theater, celebrates his birthday, as he was born on June 4, and he excelled in the reincarnation of the roles that he embodies and presented difficult and complex roles, especially the roles of evil, and despite his ingenuity in those roles, he loves everyone and does not hate him..

Ehab Fahmy loved acting since he was young, and when he finished high school, he rushed to apply to the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts, but luck did not happen to him and did not pass the tests of the institute, and then the director and artist Karam Mutawa asked him about his age, and he answered sixteen years, so he advised him to apply to the institute again, but When he grows up, he finds no escape from the implementation of his father’s desire to join the Faculty of Music Education, as his father was an educator who was looking for a dream of a job, and upon joining the college he immediately created a theater team and got the best actor at Helwan University.

He began to achieve his dream with director Adel Sadek in the Sabah Al-Ward series, and after him the Al-Zeiny Barakat series, then began the professional path and presented many works such as the series “Deasments of Security”, Raya and Sakina, Tales of a Contemporary Husband, Nightingale, Heart of the World, Rahim, and the series “We Love Tani Les” came and Miss a man

He also participated in many films, including Ramy Al-Etisami, Safari, Al-Qashash, and success was not only his ally in acting, but he proved his success in management. He is one of the members of the Syndicate of Acting Professions headed by Dr. Ashraf Zaki. He was also director of the Comedy Theater and presented during the period of his management many One of the successful performances, and then director of the National Theatre.


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