Ceramica reveals the truth about Saleh Jumas offers


A source in the Ceramica football team revealed the truth about the nobles that circulated about Saleh Gomaa receiving more than one offer to leave in the upcoming summer transfer period.

In statements to “The Seventh Day”, the source denied that Saleh Gomaa had received any offers in the current period, whether in a friendly or official manner.

The source added that the fate of Saleh Jumaa is in the hands of the technical staff, led by Diaa Al-Sayed, and he has the first and last opinion regarding the departure or survival of any player.

It is worth noting that Zamalek officials decided to refer the contract file with Saleh to the French coach, Patrice Carteron, to know his technical opinion regarding the completion of the deal or not, after the player was presented to the club by some players agents..

Saleh Gomaa expressed his warm welcome to move to the ranks of Zamalek in the new season, without talking about any material details, as the player seeks to be in a large club and compensate for the last period that witnessed a significant decline in his popularity in the football street due to his distance from matches and entering into several crises..

And if Zamalek agrees to complete the Saleh Jumaa deal, the sister of Abdullah, the current Al-Abyad player, will have the most prominent role in completing the deal in the future, as he had previously asked his brother to move to the White Castle earlier, but the negotiations did not take place successfully.


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