Charging the tugs of Buggy 1500 intensity in seconds in a magical and 100% legal way with ease


Free pubg widgets Many users of the Buggy game are keen on it, through a guaranteed legitimate method for shipping wedges, for ease of play, with the aim of evading the burden of fraud and scam sites, as there are many fake sites that announce the shipment of wedges safely, and the monument is the main purpose Of which.

How to ship widgets pubg

  1. All PUBG players must, in order to obtain the game’s loading of game items, safely and legally, enter the official websites to get the wrenches, or the so-called points.
  2. You must also open the game and watch a lot of clips displayed inside the site, through which the player can get some points.
  3. The subscriber can exchange these points for wedges, and buy what the player needs of advanced weapons and equipment in order to succeed in entering combat battles.
  4. With the aim of achieving the best results and passing many levels, by obtaining many prizes and free gifts offered by the PUBG game.

Shipping the widgets of Buggy through the official website

  1. Log in on the game’s official website, and choose both currency and country.
  2. Write down the player’s number
  3. Choosing the number of offers and locomotives available to choose the best one, and when the money increases, this is accompanied by getting more PUBG game tools.
  4. There are many offers on shipping in exchange for wedges.
  5. Choose the appropriate payment method for the player.
  6. A recharge code will be sent and you can then enjoy the game.
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