Colors of the homeland | Fatima Koshary is crying out after undergoing a wrong stomach surgery: 3 months with a cold heart


Several months ago I started Actress Fatma KosharyIn feeling severe pain in the abdominal area, but she did not pay much attention to these pains, until the situation began to get worse, and she began to notice severe bloating in the abdomen, so I decided to go to the doctor after I felt the need to get rid of this severe pain, and indeed I went to one of the doctors , who in turn told her that she suffers from a “hernia” and that urgent surgery must be performed due to its abnormally enlarged, which led to the colon being affected by this swelling, and here it was necessary to have surgical intervention in an attempt to save the situation, for fear of serious complications affecting her in the future.

The suffering of the artist Fatima Koshary

Koshary went to a private hospital in the Al-Ahram Gardens, where she underwent surgery in March of this year, and remained inside the hospital for 9 days, complaining of pain in the back area as well as the abdomen at the site of the surgery. She says in statements to Al-Watan: “I used to pay 650 pounds per night, and if I took an extra injection by paying 1000 pounds per night, after this period I went out, but I also felt abnormal pain in the area where the operation was and I did not know this because of what, I used to say every time I ate it, it was normal because of the effect of the operation. I say it in my stomach and throw it to me. It says no, this is the severity of the thread, but I am not afraid that it will all be perfect, and I have a device that removes the pus, and this happened alone from the heat in my stomach.”

During that period, the doctor would come to her inside the house, and he would get 300 pounds every 3 days, and since the surgery, “Koshari” did not feel comfortable and never felt better: “I brought him again. He told me that we will take a sample of pus that we analyze and see what, and he said we must open again because We clean the pus, and the topic has been repeated 3 times until now. Every little bit my stomach cracks and I am tired, and I don’t know what, all those who make the hernia disappear quickly. The pain that is in me.”

And the artist concluded, saying: “I am crying out, I hope a great doctor sees my money and what is true.. My soul is withdrawing from me.”


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