Colors of the homeland | Windows 11.. Everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new operating system


Windows 11 A new operating system, which Microsoft intends to use after updating the latest version of it, within 4 days, specifically on June 24, according to what Al reported, citing the Indian Express website.

Details of the new Windows 11 system

Windows 11 will have a new start menu, a startup sound, and a home screen. The new system, due to be released, will include a set of image-related updates in Windows 10X, a competitor to Google Chrome OS.

During the “Build 2021” developer conference, the CEO of Microsoft presented a teaser about the future of the Windows operating system, describing it as the next generation of Windows.

As for the characteristics and features of Windows 11, leaks were published on the Baidu Tieba website, which in turn clarified the shape of the new operating system’s user interface and the Start menu that looks similar to what is originally in Windows 10X.

And the taskbar in Windows 11 will be located in the middle, and it contains the start menu, search bar, default icons and the rest of the tools such as; Chrome OS, next to an icon to add some services.

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And there is an improvement in Windows 11, through an increase in the GPU, and the CPU, the first increases from 6927 to 7426, and the CPU score increases from 6573 to 8886.

The upcoming new operating system will be announced at a global conference associated with Microsoft, at which point experts will explain all the features and specifications of Windows 11.


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