Contractors: Zamalek did not inform us of its position on Al-Jaziri, and a reduction in the amount is not possible


Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathi, a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Contractors and the supervisor of the football sector, revealed the latest developments in the transfer of Seif El-Din Al-Jaziri, the striker of the Wolves of the Mountain, to the White Castle, after he was loaned to Zamalek last January, with a clause allowing Zamalek’s right to buy the player after paying a sum of money. additional.

Adel said, in statements to On Sport channel, two or three weeks ago, there was a talk and an attack on Saif Al-Jaziri and his return to the contractors, but he is a distinguished player with high potential and morals as well, and the contract between us and Zamalek is clear and allows them at the end of the loan period to return the player or pay the remaining amount and discount his purchase.

And a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Contractors added, Zamalek has not presented us with an order to activate the sale so far, because the loan period has not ended, and it is unacceptable to talk about reducing the remaining amount with Zamalek, because it was agreed upon before, and these are irrevocable contracts, and the contract is Shiite contractors.

The Football Association had notified the Arab Contractors to postpone its match against Al-Ahly in the 26th round of the league due to Al-Ahly’s participation in the African Champions League.

According to Imad Al-Nahhas, the technical director للمقاولون Al-Arab said that the postponement of the Al-Ahly match was a successful decision by Jabalia, especially in light of the general state of stress experienced by all league teams due to the pressure of the matches.

occupies The Arab Contractors 13th place in the general league competition table with 28 points, won by the mountain wolves after playing 24 matches, where the contractors won 7 games and drew in the same, while the mountain wolves were defeated in 10 other meetings, the contractors players scored 26 goals, and their nets received 31 goals else.


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