Corona Virus: The World Health Organization confirms that the epidemic is not directly related to the black fungus, and the US State Department says the Houthi group “bears great responsibility” in Yemen


The World Health Organization confirmed in a statement that there is no need to panic over the news circulating about the black fungus. This fungus is present in the environment like other fungi. It is rare and mainly affects people who are severely immunocompromised.

This disease differs from Covid-19 disease, whether in the mode of transmission or how it spreads. But one of the causative factors of this fungus is the heavy use of medication for treatment of Covid-19 patients.

Therefore, WHO recommends taking care of the vaccine, especially among priority groups. And follow all prevention methods. It also recommends the importance of identifying those most at risk, such as those with uncontrolled diabetes or malignant diseases.

In severe cases of Covid-19, it is recommended to give “cortisone” drugs, but with the need to monitor the use and proportion of doses.

The World Health Organization recommends giving patients low levels of these treatments at a rate of 6 mg per day of “Dexamethasone” or its equivalent, for a period ranging from 5 to 10 days.

High doses or long doses should be avoided because corticosteroids can weaken the immune system.

It should also avoid the use of “cortisone” in outpatient clinics, and refrain from giving them to patients with mild or moderate cases.

As for the treatment of black fungus, it sometimes requires intravenous antifungal treatment, accompanied by surgical removal of the affected organ in the body. The infection occurs when immunity is low and when fungi or what is known as spores are inhaled that infect the lungs and sinuses and extend to the brain or eyes.

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Image caption: The World Health Organization strongly recommends sterilizing and disinfecting equipment used in hospitals, and taking care of ventilation systems, as poor ventilation in a hospital can contribute to the emergence of fungi.

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