Corona Virus Vaccine: China uses more than a third of the total number of vaccine doses in the world


Corona Virus Vaccines

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The Chinese are scrambling to get a vaccine due to fears of the new Delta strain of the Corona virus

China has used more than one billion doses of coronavirus vaccines, according to Chinese officials; That is more than a third of the total number of doses used of those vaccines worldwide.

And the march of immunization against the epidemic began slowly in China after the relevant authorities in the country succeeded in controlling the outbreak of the virus.

But the incentives announced by Beijing for those who receive the vaccine – such as obtaining free quantities of eggs – along with concerns about the new delta strain of the Corona virus, have prompted the rapid vaccination process to higher levels in the recent period.

China aims to complete the full immunization of about 40 percent of its population, which is equal to 1.4 billion people, by next July.

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