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Remember that terrifying villain who always made fun of her black and white hair? How many times have I pity the dotted dogs that lady who intends to kill their children? Now it’s time to love it!

I never imagined that my feelings would turn towards “Ruella Darville”, as the Egyptian translation mentioned in the movie 101 Dalmatians, or Cruella de Vil as it was mentioned in the original name, as it is the “evil six” as described by one of the puppies during their escape trip in London! Especially since Glenn Close presented her in a real movie and also appeared as a villain intending to skin dogs to use their skins to make a coat!

Now with the spread of the sustainability industry in clothes, and avoiding everything that harms the environment and replacing natural leather and fur with manufactured ones, at all levels, Queen Elizabeth has announced that she is too! It was difficult for the film to promote making clothes from dog skins, whatever the justification. In a time when political correctness sticks its fangs on everyone, it would be considered a crime to put forward this idea, so it was necessary to modify the idea while preserving the main thread, which is the Dalmatian spotted dogs.

The film reviews Corollas life since her birth, how she came back from bullying because of her two-colored hair, and how her family abandoned her, her mother was killed, and she lived all her life bearing the guilt of her murder! You find yourself sympathetic to the sharp-tempered girl who defends her right and the right of “Anita” her friend whom we know very well from the cartoon versions of the original movie.

Corolla grows up, but finds only Jasper and Horace, the two thieves who treated her as their sister, and she helps them in the thefts with her intelligence. in her revenge plan.

As happened with the Joker, just turning the story and being in the place of the villain, you will find justifications for him that make you pity for what brought him to this place! There are always justifications.

Glamorous and elegant clothes

For me, since the little girl “Corolla” marveled at the combination of fur and chiffon in one dress, I found myself searching for this dress on the screen, and the loud and striking fashions followed, especially since the events of the film revolve around the seventies, a rich period for fashion and fashion and it had many The shift in fashion lines.

The film’s clothes were distinctive and appropriate for the characters. We find the Baroness’s character wearing dresses that show how strong her character may be, which may reach the mighty, while Stellas clothes seem thin and soft with a feminine sense, with elegant brown hair and slightly rebellious glasses.

180 things change as soon as “Corolla” appears! It comes with rebellious clothes and the use of leather in clothes.

Cruella starring Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Frey, Paul Walter Hussell and Mark Strong.


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