Despite her retirement from art, Hanan Turk is back because of Menna Shalaby


The retired artist, Hanan Turk, managed during her period of work in the field of acting to achieve great success and become one of the stars of the first ranks among the sons of her generation, as she possesses a unique talent, an overwhelming presence and a sober performance, even after she decided to wear the hijab in 2006, she continued to present distinguished roles that adults and children love.

Sister Therese, Hanan Turk’s last work before retiring

And the retired artist, Hanan, decided to leave her retirement permanently after she presented the series “Sister Therese” to be her last work on television, through the “I and the Honey” program, which was presented by Nishan. That struggle she was living between acting and hijab.

Hanan Turk tops the search indicators on Google

While Hanan left the trend of searching on Google, after the star Menna Shalaby published a picture she collected to express her longing for her, she said, “I miss you very much and always in the heart, love.” And soon Hanan responded to her saying, “My love, Mango, I miss you. May God bless you in Mama, in her health and happiness in your heart.”

It is noteworthy that the star Menna Shalaby resumes filming her scenes in the movie “The Crime”, as she started filming the movie in Hurghada during the last month of Ramadan, and then stopped filming, due to her preoccupation with filming her scenes in the second part of the series “Why La”.

The movie “The Crime”, starring Ahmed Ezz and Menna Shalaby, and its events take place in the seventies, and a large number of stars participate in the championship, led by director Sherif Arafa, who seeks to finish filming the film during the month of June.


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