Details of the health condition of Maestro Selim Sahab revealed by his daughter Sarah


Sarah Sahab, the daughter of Maestro Salim Sahab, said that her father suffers from lung fibrosis as one of the symptoms after recovering from the Corona virus, stressing that the maestro took a smear and the result was negative, and is now receiving treatment at home until he recovers permanently.

The daughter of Maestro Selim Sahab added in a statement to “The Seventh Day” that there is a program of concerts in the month of July, which the maestro will revive after his recovery, and he is waiting to meet his audience in the near future.

Sarah Sahab, the daughter of Maestro Salim Sahab, had revealed to “The Seventh Day” that her father was transferred to the hospital due to being infected with the Corona virus, as he was subjected to severe fatigue and was immediately transferred to a hospital in Sheikh Zayed, and it was discovered that he was infected with the Corona virus.


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