Diana Karazon to her expected child: We will protect you from the misery of this world “Sour”


Jordanian singer Diana Karazon revealed the first picture showing signs of pregnancy from her media husband, Moaz Al-Omari, stressing that she is waiting for an event, which is the reception of her first child, praying to God to make him complete creation and to be the apple of an eye for them, sending a message to him, saying: “We will protect you from misery of this world.”

Diana Karazon
Diana Karazon

Diana published a picture of her showing her pregnancy, through her account on Instagram, accompanied by a comment: “I loved a man.. He is my friend, my lover and a piece of my heart. He is a blessing I will continue to thank God for. I entrust you with my husband, his age and his health. owned.”

And Diana added: “And here we are waiting for our first child, a piece of our heart.. We will take care of you well.. We will always stay with you, and if you fall, we will support you on our shoulders, we will protect you from the misery of this world. Without adding or decreasing, O Allah, make him the apple of our eye.”


Al-Omari and Diana married on September 14, in a simple wedding ceremony, in the presence of a few family and friends due to the spread of the Corona virus, and the star, Diana Karazon, appeared in a white wedding dress, with her media husband, Moaz Al-Omari, in a wedding that was limited to a limited number of the two families.





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