Doctors analyze Muhammad Ramadan’s reaction after “his money was seized”


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The reaction of the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to the state’s decision to seize his money inside a bank, raised the astonishment of a large segment of the audience of social networking sites, especially after he published a video in which he announced the state’s reservation of his money, accompanied by a comment, “I and my money belong to my country and the people of my country, oh God, there is no objection.” ».

Ramadan said, during the video – while drinking coffee, and in a normal condition, and wearing sunglasses: “I woke up today on a phone from the bank telling me the state has reserved your money. I told him: I, my money, my house and my shoulder meat belong to my country and the people of my country. ».

The video made the audience of social networking sites wonder: Is it possible for someone who lost part of his money and it was reserved to announce the news with such calm and smile, and the video begins with “Good morning” while drinking coffee?!.

“Al-Masry Al-Youm” contacted psychological experts and consultants to analyze the artist’s controversial reaction to this decision, where Dr. Mary Gerges, a mental health and behavior modification consultant, said that the nature of Muhammad Ramadan’s personality prefers to communicate an idea to the public that he has a strong personality, stressing that he initiated the publication of the video. Before another party precedes him in this, in order to reduce the public’s comments, and to show himself as if he does not care about that at all.

Mary added that “Ramadan” is dominated by the idea of ​​“there is nothing to break Number One,” and confirmed that the calm that appeared during the video was “artificial”, pointing out that drinking coffee has a meaning, as it gives evidence of being a calm and non-passive character, especially He is someone who always likes to be the center of conversations and arguments.

Hesham Maged, a psychiatrist, international lecturer, explained that anyone who acts like Muhammad Ramadan in general, and takes his own position, they call him in psychology “calling strength at the time of weakness,” meaning that the person inside him feels weakness, oppression and conspiracy from everyone around him, so he tries Summoning strength in front of others, and that he does not care about anything, but that is the opposite of the truth, noting that the real coherent person does not try to put all these proofs on his calmness, such as using coffee and beginning the video with the sentence “Good morning”, stressing that this indicates that he exaggerates in showing his calm, But it shows that what’s inside is quite the opposite.

“Majed” added that people who act like “Ramadan” are psychologically diagnosed with “negative narcissism”, which is the desire to appear, elevation of “ego” and arrogance in any action whatsoever, even if it is to provoke the public or appear controversially, stressing that he is an artist. He has a great talent, there is no doubt about that, and he has the ability to influence the audience, but he is not good at acting with social intelligence at all.

“Majed” warned the famous artist that the nature of his personality loves dramatic events, so if fame recedes from him for any reason, his life could end in a dramatic way, so that he would be the focus of all conversations, citing the example of “Dalida.”

Muhammad Al-Hadi, a psychological consultant and educational expert, saw that every famous person whose wealth was nationalized or seized by taxes or the like often gets sick and suffers complications, explaining that the calm of “Ramadan” during the video is clearly fabricated, especially that in the end he is an actor and can reincarnate Calm well.

Dr. Jamal Farweez, a mental health consultant, said that the behavior of “Ramadan” came to draw attention and search for “trends”, in addition to that it was an irresponsible act.


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