Does Google Drive Security Update Disable Some File Links?


Tech giant Google has announced an update that makes sharing Drive files more secure, especially since many old Google Drive links may be inaccessible by mid-September, Engadget reports.

After the update ends on September 13, Drive will add a resource key to links created for sharing, and those who viewed the link before the changes occurred can continue to access it, however those who didn’t need the resource key can access the file.

Workspace administrators will have until July 23 to decide how to apply the security update to their organization, and they can choose to apply it with restrictions or opt out entirely.

Meanwhile, personal users will receive notice of the change starting July 26 and have until September 13 to make a decision.

They can also choose not to apply the update, but Google clarifies in its notice that the option is not recommended, and the company suggests that the update should not be applied only to files that are publicly published.


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