Does the lack of “processors” affect the iPhone 13? .. Apple is not interested


With the persistent shortage of chips worrying automakers and tech companies around the world, Apple may be an exception and not worry about it. Apple’s main supplier, TSMC, has reportedly said it will prioritize orders for chips from Apple, meaning there shouldn’t be Any issues for Apple to launch the iPhone 13 series on time, and along with Apple, TSMC has also announced that it will prioritize chip orders from automakers as well.

According to a report by Digitimes, TSMC prioritizes Apple and automakers, then fulfills orders from PC and server makers. TSMC manufactures Apple’s A-series chipsets for iPhones and any logistics glitch could directly delay the launch or distribution of the iPhone 13 series, according to a report by Digitimes. The company also makes processors for Mac and iPad.

In February this year, Foxconn Chairman said he expected a “limited impact” from the chip shortage on customers, and Liu Yongwei, head of the manufacturing conglomerate known formally as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co Ltd., said in a report to Reuters: “Since most customers The ones we serve are big clients, they all have proper precautionary planning.”

Apple’s size may enable it to weather the global shortage and the upcoming iPhone 13 production cycle may not be affected much. Meanwhile, a report by TrendForce claimed that the prices of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 13 series phones may be very similar to the launch prices of the iPhone 12 series that were introduced last year.


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