Egypt is in the rank of the world for gymnastics… and a comment from the President of the Game Federation


The tournament, which ended on Monday, June 7, witnessed strong competitions between more than 300 male and female players representing 16 countries from around the world.

Dr. Ihab Amin, head of Egyptian Gymnastics Federation That: “The Egyptian champions were able to make history and achieve an unprecedented achievement by winning 4 medals in the World Cup for Artistic Gymnastics. Throughout Egypt’s history in the game, we were only able to get 3 medals.”

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Amin added, “Egypt has provided the world with proof that it can organize the tournament in an impressive and ideal manner, especially in light of the presence of so many participating delegations and players, along with the permanent support of the state and President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.”

Egypt in the runner-up

topped Ukraine The overall ranking of the tournament with 11 different medals, 5 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals, while Hungary ranked third with a gold, 2 silver and a bronze medal.

As for the fourth place in terms of the overall ranking of the Modern Chess World Cup, Lithuania took three gold, silver and bronze medals, Romania ranked fifth with two gold and one silver, and Cyprus won three silver and one bronze medals to be in sixth place.

Relatively generous Egyptian team Nancy Taman won the gold in the jumping horse device, and Ali Zahran won the gold in the right device, while the bronze was achieved by Zina Ibrahim in the parallel beam device, and Mandi Essam in the floor movement device.

The head of the Egyptian Gymnastics Federation explained that: “A large number of Egyptian workers in the tournament presented an epic in work and cooperation during the past weeks, so that the tournament would be a pride for Egypt and the African continent, because it is the first to be held within the continent.

In his interview with “Sky News Arabia”, Amin confirmed that: “The results that have been achieved are very honorable, and despite the fact that we are close to winning two more medals during the tournament, but the psychological pressure on the players was the main factor in not being able to achieve this.”

The tournament was held on the indoor hall complex at Cairo International Stadium, amid harsh precautionary measures to protect players and delegations from infection with the Corona virus.

The Egyptian organization of the tournament won great praise from all the participating delegations, especially in light of international fears of success in light of the spread of the Corona virus in the whole world, especially with the application of the medical bubble system and the emphasis on adherence to all preventive instructions from the Egyptian Ministry of Health.

Amin sent a message to the Egyptian state and all the ministries, saying: “Everyone was standing next to us for the tournament to come out in the best way. Thank them for their support. Egypt now stands next to everyone who has a plan and ambition, and whoever wants to be present and imposing himself will find support and support in various ways. “.

international acclaim

The President of the International Federation of Japanese Gymnastics, Mori Watanabi, had expressed his happiness for Cairos hosting of the World Artistic Gymnastics Cup, which was held in the indoor hall complex at Cairo Stadium, stressing that he received positive responses from all delegations participating in the tournament at the level of accommodation, stadiums and also transfers, and that everyone He is satisfied with the facilities provided to serve the tournament and the participating delegations.

The President of the International Gymnastics Federation explained: “We have all seen the ability of the Egyptian state to host the largest sporting events under difficult conditions that the world is suffering from, and we hope that Cairo will host more sports events.” Gymnastics Championships during the coming period.”

Watnabi added in his press statements: “Granting Egypt to organize the first gymnastics world cup to be held in Africa is a recognition from us of the ability of the Egyptian state and its youth to host the largest and most important events, and the impressive success achieved so far will be an important factor in Cairo having more events over the years coming.”


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