Egypt.. The death of the retired artist, Tahia Hafez


And publication Afaf Mustafa, a picture of the artist Hafez greetings, through her account on Facebook, commenting on her by saying: “The artist, Tahia Hafez, passed away after suffering with gallbladder disease. She is the mother of Farah Ismail Kitkat, and the daughter of the late artist Hoda Zaki.”

Hafez was born into an artistic family, as she is the daughter of writer Salah El Din Hafez, artist Hoda Zaki, and granddaughter of actor Zaki Ibrahim.

The late artist participated in many dramatic and cinematic works, such as the third part of “”dreamy nights“Arabesques”, “I will write your name on the sand”, “They stole Umm Ali”, “A woman and the shadow of a man”.

Hafez Al-Fan retired in 1998, and her last work was the series “”tropicsWritten by Mohamed Galal, directed by Ahmed Al-Nahhas.


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