Egyptian singer Amal Maher complains to God and her fans what happened to her


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Cairo – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: The Egyptian singer, Amal Maher, sent a letter of thanks to her fans who supported her, confirming her belief that God is strong and capable and she submits her complaint to him. This came after she announced her retirement a few days ago for reasons beyond her control, she said.
She wrote, on her official Facebook page:
My dear audience: Our Lord is the only one who knows your support for me and your support. His influence on me was a factor in the worst circumstances in my life. If I could go to every human being, I would thank them myself, I would not be late.
May God make you a reason to strengthen me in the weakest moments of my life and the biggest trials in my life. Our Lord is generous, strong and mighty, and He is the comforter and the humiliator.
I have full faith that if the entire universe came together to benefit or harm a person, they would not benefit or harm him except with what God had written for him.
All that they asked of you is your prayers in your prayers in mosques and churches. complaining to some one except God is a abase. To God only I present my complaint, and from God only I await relief, reparation, victory, and the reward of patience and reward for all that God knows.
Suffice God, he is the best Lord and the best helper. Oh God, praise be to You for everything. Oh God, praise be to You in adversity before good times.. All your destiny and decree is good, O Lord.
And she added: Your love and support will be the greatest and most important gift from God, which he gave me during the greatest ordeal of my entire life. And any cohesion or solidity I am in is caused by the bond of our Lord, who will be with you. Your invitations.
The audience of singer Amal Maher had created several pages to support her, and demanded that she not retire from singing, at a time when the artists refrained from supporting her, unlike all those who announced their retirement before that, such as singer Sherine Abdel Wahab, singer Mohamed El Helou, and singer Hani Shaker, who met Great support from the artistic community in Egypt and demands to refrain from the decision to retire, which is what actually happened.
As for Amal Maher, her decision to retire was ignored by artists and creators, except for a few, which some interpreted as doing so to please Turki Al Sheikh, head of the Saudi Entertainment Authority, who had previously closed the Amal Maher channel on YouTube, and bought the right to display her songs to prevent He showed it on TV channels, and it was said that he agreed with the composers and authors not to cooperate with her, following their differences, which led to the release of Amal Maher, a police report against him, after he beat her.


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