Ekrami: 3 reasons that made me choose Pyramids… and I refused to play for any club


12:02 AM

Friday 11 June 2021

Books – Hadi Al-Madani:

Pyramids goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy stated that he did not think of revenge against Al-Ahly during his departure from the club, saying that he chose Pyramids for a set of reasons that made him prefer him over Ismaili and another Saudi offer.

In his statements to the satellite channel “On Time Sports”, Ekrami said: “I refuse to say that my decision to leave Al-Ahly is for the purpose of revenge.”

He continued: “My exit from Al-Ahly was more than acceptable, and there was a very warm welcome and respect from the Al-Ahly fans in the matter, and I was far from participating for two seasons and I had the opportunity to fully evaluate the image and I did not put participation as the only criterion for evaluating the situation.”

As for the beginning of thinking about leaving, he said: “Feiler, at the beginning of his arrival at Al-Ahly, was very frank with all the great players and held a meeting with us after the first match outside Egypt, and his words to me were very clear and said that we are great players and achieved championships, and it is clear that some participate and others do not.” He’s playing but I need all of you to help the team.”

He added, “I understood the message that Feiler wanted, and I did not need further clarification or sessions, and Muhammad Al-Shennawi’s presence with us in this session was aimed at not saying that his words were directed to a particular person.”

He continued: “After I announced my decision to leave, Syed Abdel Hafeez spoke to me and expressed his distress that I did not approach him in the matter before making the decision, and I thought that my decision would remove embarrassment from Al-Ahly’s management, then I discovered after that that this created a kind of pressure, and they have a right to that.”

With regard to the stage after the decision to leave, he said: “I did not arrange my papers when I made the decision to leave Al-Ahly, but I was aware that there was enough time to negotiate, and after a week there were clubs that communicated with me.”

And he added: “Apart from Pyramids, there was Al-Ismaili, and I said I don’t mind, but any fan club will be difficult, and after that a club came from Saudi Arabia, but that was the time of Corona, and for me, Pyramids was the first choice because it is a strong club that has a project and does not have an audience.”

He concluded: “All my focus and dedication to Pyramids, but it is known that I belong to Al-Ahly, so I would have preferred not to play with a fan club against Al-Ahly.”


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