Ekramy: El-Shennawy is the best in Egypt and we do not communicate


Pyramids goalkeeper Sherif Ekramy stated that he sees Mohamed El-Shennawy, the Al-Ahly goalkeeper, as the best player in Egypt, explaining that Junior Ajayi is the only one who contacts him from the team at the moment.

Ikrami said in his statements to the “On Time Sports” channel: “Mohamed El-Shennawy is a graduate of the goalkeepers factory in Al-Ahly and he owns the foundation, but the surprise for me was in the World Cup, especially Uruguay, and I praised him in a tweet and it was from my heart because this is a livelihood and everyone may God bless him with something.” “.

He continued, “When he came to my family, I was playing 7 consecutive matches because of Mohamed El-Shennawy’s injury, and with the Pyramids match, Mohamed El-Shennawy participated, and at this time I felt that Sharif had become my past.”

He added, “The Al-Ahly goalkeeper can make a big mistake, but in the end he is classified as a first goalkeeper, because he must get a large number of matches and be evaluated in the end, and even after the loss against Sundowns, it was natural for him to continue.”

As for his opinion of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, he said: “Al-Shennawi is the first goalkeeper in Egypt, and this is normal.

And he talked about his relationship with Al-Ahly players, saying: “The one who communicates with me the most from Al-Ahly is Junior Ajayi. But I am in constant contact with Walid Suleiman and Hussam Ashour.

And he moved on to talk about the impact of the campaign that his family was subjected to, saying: “My father was very upset with the campaign he was exposed to, and this is what bothered me the most about the matter. The plot is a big deal.”

He continued, “I understood the matter because I am following the situation somewhat, but my father was affected, especially since the campaign was unofficial, and I do not know if it was officially sponsored.”

And he concluded: “My father was shocked after what happened, because he was thinking of another scenario, he was basically optimistic that I would get the opportunity and asked me to continue in Al-Ahly.”


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